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I think this is something very special for our field. There are all kinds of educational textbooks out there for sonographers to read to help teach them how to better diagnose or optimize images, but this is different. This information is just as important as knowing how to scan.

Megan Meade, Lead Educator and CEO of Viable Solutions
Megan Meade

RDMS RDCS Ultrasound Education Consultant Viable Solutions, LLC

Being a sonographer is hard

Learning how to be a sonographer should be easy

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    the steps to becoming a sonographer

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I'm a sonographer with 10+ years of experience in clinical settings, higher education, the medical device industry, and as a consultant. I filled this book with the information I struggled to find when I was researching this profession before college.

Sam Callis

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From fundamental: "what is sonography?" to career-forward "how can I grow in this profession", I do my best to answer questions I have heard and continue hear the most from prospective students and currently practicing sonographers from a place of experience as well as research.

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    This is the coolest thing. I think that for any student who is looking at going into sonography, you need to get your hands on one of these books!

    Sonographers in the Cities

    Sonographers in the Cities

    Lynn and Geselle

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    I learned some things from this book, even though I've been a diagnostic medical sonographer for six years, but it was so informative and detailed.

    The Skilled Sonographer

    The Skilled Sonographer

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    I would like to say that this is an incredible resource! The allied health faculty at St. Philip's College (including our DMSO program) were just talking about how we wished there were better resources to set our student expectations.

    Ben Ochoa, Program director of invasive CVT and CV sonography at St. Philip's College in San Antonio

    Ben Ochoa

    Program director of invasive CVT and CV sonography at St. Philip's College in San Antonio

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